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Consistency is the key to the kingdom

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

How important is really to be consistent? This was what was going through head all while I was gasping for air while going for run.

Talking about going for a run.... Running a marathon, running a business, running a household and running after your kids, it's all about consistency, keep going, even if you don't want to but know it will be worth it. I recently went for a run, I've not been consistent with my exercising routine at all. I've been doing a 5km run maybe once a week. Every so often when I do another Kayla Sweat workout, I get a notification, "You have not done an exercise in a while, do you want to start over or continue with Week 7?" Yes yes yes thank you I know! Thank you for reminding me. Followed by a few swear words. 

But this day was going to be different, I took the day to clean the whole kitchen of any junk food, or anything that could lead to an evening of indulgence. After that I set out to do a 5km run, which in my ambitious nature, I decided to make 10km, (just to show myself I can, you know) oh boy! OH BOY!!! How wrong was I! I did 5km and decided to run it all in one direction, meaning that if I get tired or want to opt out, I am already 5km from the house and need to make it work.  Needless to say I almost died, I did pretty well with the 5km, but the rest was pure hell. I definitely did not look like the woman in my cover image (that was to get your attention) and I definitely did not look anything like WonderWoman at the top here. If anything WonderWoman is running towards me to help me off the floor. Once again I realised that you can not wake up one day and decide to run 10km. The same goes for loosing 10kg, the same goes for running a successful business, or run a tight ship household. You can not expect to eat salad for 1 day and have your dream body.

You get what you are consistent with. If you are consistent with your excuses then that is what you will get. If you are consistent with growth, learning, pushing yourself then that is what you will get.

Go for a run, every day or every other day. But do that week after week. Yes I know I am preaching and I know I need this probably more than you do.

But send that email, again, and again and again, every single week. Write that blog, call that potential client, again and again and again until you get the result you want.

You will only start seeing results once it is so apart of you, that you have almost forgotten about it.

Here are my 5 Tips for staying consistent.

1. Set one large goal for yourself

Always begin with the end in mind. Be clear on what you want to achieve and what it is that you wish to get from this goal. Write it down, think about it, read it, share it. Ideally, do it EVERY SINGLE DAY! Morning before you get out of bed, evening before you fall asleep. But stay focused.

Example Goal: Get 5 paying clients

2. Break it down into easy doable everyday tasks

Start off by getting 2 pro bono clients then, then 3, then 4 and so on. Until you are comfortable with your skills to start charging.

Start off my saying you will charge small amounts or do workshops that might be lower cost to them.


Day 1. Create your ideal target market

Day 2. Break that down into 5 ideal customer avatars.

Day 3. Search for people that match

Day 4. Contact them.

3. Train your brain to do what it has promised

We are quick to make promises and say we are going to do stuff, and then we never do it... only me? I don't think so.

I've had numerous other blogs, started and never finished. I did learn a lot. But this time it will be different. I started with consistency in mind. This podcast will grow with consistency, it will grow with time love and effort.

Example: Start by saying you will drink 2 bottles of water that day, AND DO IT!

Or say you will contact someone to design your website, and do it.

That way you will train your brain to do what ever you promised you make.

4. Monitor it on a weekly/ monthly basis

That which you don't track can not be improved. This I have seen time and time again in my business.

You do not even know how many pro bono clients you have, how many hours you are willing to allocate but you want to start with 20 paying clients.

Example: Create a tracking spreadsheet for yourself. Yearly goals, Monthly goals and even daily goals. I write down my goals for the day in the morning when I journal. 3-5 easy thing I can do that day. And at the end of the week I go back and see what I have completed and what still need to get done.

5. Be patient.

If you are consistent, even when you do not see any results, that is when you need to push more, and give more. People see what you are doing , and that passion, consistency and drive will pull people towards you.

You need to be like the ocean, you keep making waves, you do not wait until the sun rises or when people visit the beach. Whether they show up or not, does not matter. You need to show up. Every.Single.Day!

Hope this helps to get your butt into gear. I have already done it in my business now I just need to go for another run! Any words of motivation?

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