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Let me tell you a little bit more about myself...

I'm a:

  • Certified Digital Marketing Strategist

  • B.comm in Communications & Marketing graduate

  • Former Event Manager for international Expo's and Conferences

  • College Lecturer since 2014

  • Work-from-home Mom

  • Proud Business​ Owner since early 2017

I grew up in vibrant South Africa where I finished school and my studies before moving to Dubai. This is where I realised I wanted a career that gave me flexibility to travel and make my own hours. 

My husband and I have always dreamed of one day living in Europe, and so in 2019 we moved to the Netherlands where we intend to stay for a while... 

I now help young ambitions individuals to start and grow their own businesses into something they can be proud of. 

I'm excited you're reading this. People achieving greatness, means role models for our children. We need to see strong young individuals, not only running the household but running their own businesses.

Do you have a dream to start a side project? Do something more with your life?


Sign up for the Be-inspired Membership, and work on that dream.

  • Bachelors of Commerce Degree in Communication and Marketing Studies

  • Bachelors of Honours Degree in Communication and Marketing Studies

  • Certificate in Advanced Project Management

  • Professional Certification in Digital Marketing

  • 8 Years Marketing Experience


Hey there,

Chardonnay on a hot summers day!


Meet Jaco, the love of my life! He listens to all my stories, supports my  crazy ventures & cheers me on. He'll even share his last Skittles with me. What a guy!

True love at first sight. She is a funny, and smart cookie! This little lady is the best thing that has every happened to me. 

I'm a working-from-home Momma to our daughter Malia.


Her favourite games are;

  • playing in the mud,

  • healing Zoey with her doctor-doctor games,

  • and keeping us on our toes with her No-sleep drama drama!

Cute right?


Let's get Personal

1. Favourite TV-Show of all time:

a) Friends

b) Grey's Anatomy

c) Gossip Girl

d) How I met your mother

2. I wanted to be_____ when I grew up

a Nurse,

like my grandmother.

3. Favourite drink after a long day

a) Martini

b) Red Wine

c) Beer

d) Whiskey

e) Other

Gin & Tonic with

ice and berries

4. If I could eat one dessert forever...

Creme Brûlée 

5. House chores I avoid at all cost:

a) Ironing clothes

b) Mopping

c) Vacuum 

d) Other

Unpacking the dishwasher, Urgh

6. I always dreamed of...

Having a Golden Retriever (and now her name is Zoey)

7. First thing I do when I wake up in the morning

a) Write in my journal      (2nd)

b) Feed Zoey

c) Check Social Media

d) Drink Coffee

8. One thing I am thankful for...

My Mother ,Julie

9. Quarantine outfit of choice:

a) Black Dress

b) Jean & T-shirt

c) Workout Clothes

d) PJ's all day!

10. Best Title I have:

a) Lecturer

b) Business Owner

c) Digital Marketing Strategist

d) Other

Mamma & Wife

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