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You are allowed to dream bigger!

I've got you!

I teach young, passionate people how to get clear on what they want and break down barriers.

Grow as a person...
personally and professionally.

Having your friends ask;
"How did you do that?"

I'm Lindi

In 2015, I broke free from the monotony and embraced change.


Tired of the same repetitive days, I sought a challenge that would push me beyond my comfort zone.


Long story short...

  • I dared to quit my full-time job

  • Embarked on a journey to Dubai,

  • Embraced the role of a Stay-at-home Mom, Ignited a side-business,

  • Relocated to Amsterdam,

  • And turned my side-business into a thriving full-time venture.

Today, I lecture remotely, build my business, and do life on MY terms.

What I Specialise In:

Surround yourself with the right Tribe

Identify your perfect

career path


financial freedom, secure your future.

Leave your mark,

ignite change.


massive change 

"I can easily say that Lindi's support has enabled me to grow my business already to double its size. And we have only scratched the surface of our plans so far."​



—  Afsheen Ismail-Wey

Director & Leadership Coach,

The Phoenix Coaching Co,


Young Couples

You would be doing the world a disservice

not to show them your skills & knowledge. 

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